28 June 2010

What happened to Jean's Slaves?

One of my ancestors, Jean De Buis, farmed on Bergfontein on the Cape side of the Gouritz River and, in 1779 had nine slaves. When he died (1779) the slaves were sold. I don't know who they were sold to or what became of them.

Can anyone give me some stories or information about them?

These nine slaves were :
• Aly van Sambara
• Fortyn van Ceylon
• Marius van de Kust
• Antony van Madagaskar
• October van Mosambique
• Maarz van Bougies
• Adomis van de Caab
• Truy van Bougies
• Lea van de Caab

Unfortunately no dates of birth/ages are know, or who they were sold to or anything like that.

It would be fantastic to know more about their lives if possible.

24 June 2010

Copyright holder info for "The First Transvaler" wanted

While researching my family tree I obtained a copy of a thesis by Agatha Elizabeth Schoeman entitled "Coenraad De Buys - The First Transvaler" The book was published in 1938. I scanned the document and, using OCR software, converted it to a searchable PDF document. (I did this so that I could search the document for people's names and place names).

I would like to offer this "digital reproduction" of the book to Ancestry24.com who would like to put it in their free downloadable portion of their website. The problem is, however, I'm not sure who holds the copyright on the book (Agatha passed away around 1989) and I would like to get permission to distribute the document.

09 June 2010

What happened on 14 October 1773?

While researching my family tree I found that husband and wife, Johannes Frederik VAN RENSBURG and Maria Elizabeth (born DU BUIS) both died on 14 October 1773. I'm not sure where they died but would like to find out where and what happened?

Unfortunately I don't know where they died, but it would have been listed as "Cape Of Good Hope" obviously, given the time frame.

Could it have been a farm attack or tragedy? It may have been a sickness of some sort, although I doubt that they would have died on the same day - maybe their deaths were only discovered on that day?

Is anyone able to help with some information?