24 June 2010

Copyright holder info for "The First Transvaler" wanted

While researching my family tree I obtained a copy of a thesis by Agatha Elizabeth Schoeman entitled "Coenraad De Buys - The First Transvaler" The book was published in 1938. I scanned the document and, using OCR software, converted it to a searchable PDF document. (I did this so that I could search the document for people's names and place names).

I would like to offer this "digital reproduction" of the book to Ancestry24.com who would like to put it in their free downloadable portion of their website. The problem is, however, I'm not sure who holds the copyright on the book (Agatha passed away around 1989) and I would like to get permission to distribute the document.


  1. The copyright of theses belong to the particular university, in this case the University of Pretoria. Contact the Registrar to find out how copyright can be obtained.

  2. I have got hold of the office of the Registrar at the University of Pretoria and they have agreed to digitize the book from the original dissertation from 1933 and release it in their thesis and dissertations database online.

    This is fantastic news! :) Thanks Intact! :)

    Watch this space for a URL...

  3. I have been contacted by Elsabe Olivier of the University of Pretoria and she has informed me that the electronic version of the original Agatha Schoeman's dissertation titled Coenraad de Buys can be accessed at http://upetd.up.ac.za/thesis/available/etd-04062011-162438/

    Thank you so much Intact, Elsabe and University of Pretoria!

  4. Tony, thank you so much for organising this and for this great blog. I was aware of the book for many years but was unable to find a copy. I am a descendant of Coenraad De Buys's cousin (Christina Martha Johanna De Buys – her father was Pieter De Buys and mother unknown; grandparents Jean Du Buys and Louisa Hoffman ) and she and her husband CJ Faber stayed with De Buys at Ngika's Great Place for many years where they were married by Van Der Kemp before they returned to the colony. He was later hanged at Slagtersnek.

  5. Wow Gen, please feel tree to add yourself as a follower/member of the site and mail me directly at lad(at)webmail(dot)co(dot)za. I would really like to add your "branch" to the family tree and find out more about your tree!