21 December 2010

De Buys/Beyleveld families

Around 1880, somewhere on a farm near Middelsburg (on the Karoo in the Eastern Cape, South Africa), Gert (Petrus Johannes) BEYLEVELD, his wife, Catharina (Johanna Helena ESBACH) and their 6 children came across a group of De Buys' families.

It would seem that the De Buys' were all living together or in close proximity to one another. Anyway, relationships blossomed between several of the De Buys offspring. Between 1882 and 1886 several De Buys/Beyleveld couples married. These were:
  • Hendrik Johannes Joachim BEYLEVELD (Born 1861/10/05) married Maria Elizabeth DE BUYS (Born 1865/01/08) around 1882
  • Alwyn Johannes DE BUYS (Born 1860/09/10) married Aletta Barendina BEYLEVELD (Born in 1863) on 16/11/1885
  • Coenraad Wilhelm DE BUYS (Born 1856/05/17, died 1918/11/13) married Johanna Aletta BEYLEVELD (Born 1866/11, died 1955/04/20) in 1886
All the marriages were listed as taking place in the Cape Of Good Hope, no further details of location were added.

Two of the other Beyleveld children chose different partners: Maria married Willem Nienaber on 11/06/1860 in Colesberg and Abraham married Johanna Smit on 29/05/1871 in Middelburg.  I have not found any marriage records for the last Beyleveld child - Gert Beyleveld.

These unions brought into the world many De Buys and Beyleveld children who's families are documented in the De Buys family tree today.

Do you know more about these families? Are these your ancestors?

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