23 May 2010

De Buys/Balie children

On 22 May 1842 Coenraad Willem DE BUYS (DU BUIS) married Anna Elisabeth BALIE in Beaufort West, in the Cape of Good Hope. Coenraad was born on 03 Feb 1815 and Anna was born around 1824. Coenraad and Anna were cousins.

We know that the couple had a child, Elizabeth Catharina DE BUYS, who was born on 29 Aug 1842. Elizabeth married Christiaan Lodewyk MULDER on 17 Feb 1873 in Hopetown, in the Cape of Good Hope.

We think that Coenraad and Anna may have had another child who was named Coenraad Wilhelm who may have been born around 1855.

Could you shed any light on this Coenraad and/or Coenraad and Anna's children?

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