23 May 2010

De Buys/Gous children

Around 1857 a Coenraad Willem DE BUYS (DU BUIS) married Susanna Josina GOUS(GOUWS). Coenraad was born around 1837 and Susanna was born on 6 Aug 1837.

They had a child named Petrus DE BUYS 5 Jul 1858. We think that they may have had more children.

Do you know anything about these families? Could you shed some light on them?

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  1. Gina Shepherd found the death notice of Susara Josina Gous and this document gives us a lot of information!

    The death notice states that Susara was born in Natal and that she was dutch. her parents were Pieter Gous and Hester Maria Gous (nee van Staden). The Gous is spelt as Gouws in the document.

    Susara was 71 years and 1 month old when she died. She was married twice and died a widower. (Her second marriage was to Brinoa Brinone Anatal Soyer).

    Susara died on 12 November 1910 on the Slang River farm in Harrismith.

    Her children were listed as "P de Buys - major" and "C W de Buys Born 1861 died 1900", which fits in exactly with what we had expected!

    Thank you Gina!